Quality meats to help youCREATE WITH CONFIDENCE

Preparing protein can be a time-consuming task, especially for operations with limited staff and resources during these changing times. As you look to adapt and find ways to strengthen your takeout and delivery programs, look to the Dan’s Prize portfolio of quality fully cooked proteins.


All Natural Meats

Find Your All Natural* Meats

We recognize that all natural* is a lifestyle change that’s here to stay. More importantly, we can help you embrace this opportunity by providing proteins that entice all natural* enthusiasts of all ages.

* Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

The expertise to create your perfect menu

We have the expertise to offer both our broad portfolio and the ability to help you customize new products that will excite patrons and grow your business.


With success comes responsibility

We believe our success comes with a responsibility to contribute positively to the world we live in through:

We’re Here For You

If you’re interested in working with Dan’s Prize or have any questions, send us a note and we’ll gladly get back to you. Thanks.

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